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Vidhatha System Certification




Vidatha Certification is issued by Sri Lanka Standards Institution for complying with requirements of vidatha certification scheme. Vidatha certification assures adhering to the good practices during manufacturing /processing. The scheme is open to both food and non food processors.


Application Form-English Sinhala

Rules and Procedures



1.    Fees – Prior to Certification
(Application forms – free of charge)

1.1     Application Fee (non refundable)                          LKR    500.00*
1.2     Fee for preliminary assessment                            LKR 1,500.00*
1.3     Fee for additional assessment (per assessment)    LKR 2,000.00*
1.4    Fee for final assessment                                       LKR 2,500.00*

2.    Fees – After granting the certification

Type of Organization    Value of fixed assets
(Excluding land and building)    Annual Fees
Category  1    Up to LKR 100,000               LKR  1 000/=*
Category  11    LKR 100 000 to 500 000              LKR  2 000/=*
Category  111    LKR 500 000 to 1.0 million              LKR  4 000/=*
Category  IV    LKR 1.0 million to below LKR 5.0 million      LKR  15 000/=*
Category  V    Above LKR 5.0 million     LKR  25 000/=*

3.    Fees – Re-assessment

3.1 Fee for re-assessment        LKR 3,000/=*

3.2 Transport fee –cost of transport for each assessment /visit is charged Separately at the rate of LKR 35 /= per km.

4.    In case if samples of products to be tested for verification purposes on recommendation by the assessment panel, the cost of testing has to be borne by the applicant.

* In addition to above VAT + NBT 2% will be charged.

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