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Recommendation for Health Ministry (MOH) Registration of Bottled Drinking Water

Under the agreement between Health Ministry and SLSI, SLSI is the inspection body who carryout inspections and recommend for granting approval to MOH for registration of Bottled Drinking Water.

Assessment before granting approval :-
On receipt of an application the institution will assess the adequacy of manufacturer’s arrangements for quality assurance based on information provided in the application. An audits at the factory is/are arranged to examine and verify the quality management system adopted by the applicant. Attention will be paid to control at production, suitability of equipment, inspection and testing facilities, training, record keeping, provision of necessary resources etc.

Specific attention will be paid to hydro geological report and recommendations made under there, suitability of water resource, perimeter protection, adherence to Code of Practice for Bottled drinking Water and conformity of two consecutive samples of source water and final product to relevant standards.

Issue of Permit:-
On satisfactory fulfillment of those requirements provisional registration is recommended for 1 year and after verifying consistent quality by continuous testing as per sampling plan, full registration is recommended.

Validity of Registration:-
Audits are arranged for renewal of registration on request of M.O.H.

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