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Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI) in association with UTZ Netherlands, operates a UTZ certification Scheme Tea.
This is applicable for growing, manufacturing and supply chain of tea and Rooibose. The scheme is based on applicable current UTZ Protocols, Code of Conducts and Modules(current version available on www.utzcertified.org)   and the connected current Tea Board regulations in Sri Lanka.UTZ Certification Scheme for Tea/Rooibos is designed to meet the specific needs of the tea plantation sector and to provide an internationally recognized third party guarantee to customers. UTZ Certification for Tea is therefore comprehensive and it includes the following;
•    Latest certification protocol,(Version 4.1 January 2016)
•    CORE CODE OF CONDUCT For individual and multi-site certification Version 1.1,
•    CODE OF CONDUCT Tea Module Version 1.1
•    Labeling and Trademark Policy
•    the current list of fees and the regulations of appeal.
•    Applicable Tea Board Regulations & Sri Lanka Tea Board Standards/ Guidelines for Sri Lankan Origin Tea.
•    Sri Lanka Standard SLS 1315:2007 Code of practice for Tea Industry - Part 1&2
•    ISO 3720  Black tea Definition

This scheme is essentially voluntary in nature, and is based on above UTZ protocols/procedures and ISO/ IEC Guide 17065: 2012; General requirements for bodies operating product certification systems, which provides general rules for third party certification of determining with standards through initial desktop assessment of a Quality Management system and its acceptance followed by on site audit that takes into account the factory Quality Management System.
The scheme is centered around essential elements of the UTZ protocols/Procedures/ Quality Management System combined with additional requirements on process control and product testing as specified in the relevant standards along with applicable legal requirements.

UTZ Certification Scheme operates in an impartial, non discriminatory and transparent manner to provide third party guarantee of UTZ certified Tea/Rooibose to the ultimate customer.


1.1    Any  manufacturer  who  is  interested in obtaining the UTZ Certification Scheme for Tea shall obtain  the  required  set  of   application  forms  from  the  Sri Lanka Standards Institution- SLSI (Contact point),

1.2    The application form and other necessary documents such as Guidelines, Rules and Procedures and the fee structure are available at the SLSI Head Office, No.17, Victoria Place, Elvitigala Mawatha, Colombo – 08 or requesting by email to මෙම ඊ-තැපැල් ලිපිනය spambots ගෙන් සුරක්ෂිත කොට ඇත. මෙය බැලීම සදහා ඔබට JavaScript සක්‍රීය කිරීම අවශ්‍යවේ

1.3    Any Manufacturer who wishes to obtain the UTZ certification shall submit properly completed prescribed application form to SLSI/ Contact point along with self Inspection checklist.

1.4    Applicants having more than one manufacturing/processing/plantation(s) unit located at different places out growers and groups separately managed shall submit separate lists


2.1    SLSI will evaluate the application and self inspection check lists for its adequacy and other connected documents with the application Review check list.


3.1    On-Site assessment is scheduled when the applicant confirms readiness after the completion for the deficiencies raised in the application and check lists.

3.2    Prior to the On-site Assessment, the Audit Plan and the details of the Audit Team are sent to the applicant for approval. Selections of number of auditors depend on the size and sites of the organization.

3.3      The applicant is free to raise objections to the audit plan and to the
inclusion of any member in the audit team giving reasons.

3.4        The audit shall be carried out on mutually agreed dates between the applicant and the Institute.

3.5       The   audit   team   performs   a   thorough   audit   to   ascertain   whether        all requirements in the manual/UTZ protocol/procedure and specified standards/Current Local regulations have actually been identified and addressed.

3.6    Upon completion of the audit, the audit team submits a detailed report on non-conformities observed to the auditee.

3.7    During the audit. Auditors will select a random sample and conduct the audit according to the protocol and standards.


4.1    The applicant shall propose corrective actions for all non-conformities raised during the on-site assessment and shall send to SLSI

4.2    Considering the nature and degree of non-conformities, the applicant shall propose the time required for implementation of corrective action and follow up audits.

4.3    The applicant shall confirm in writing that the corrective actions for the non conformities reported in the on-site assessment report are completed.

4.4    On receipt of confirmation by applicant, SLSI will confirm that the completed corrective actions are fully implemented, by reviewing the documents or with a follow up audit as appropriate.

4.6        In case of major non-conformities the applicant may agree with the audit team a time frame not exceeding two months to implement corrective actions  but the certification is recommended only after verifying the effectiveness of the action taken by the applicant through a follow-up audit.


5.1    On completion of a satisfactory result of on-site audit a summary report and complted check lists will be submitted to the scheme Manager and schme manager shall forward to Certifier. Certifier shall submit the decision to  Management Committee for approval of granting certification or non granting. For Certification the Certifier shall request the license in UTZ portal and submit the relevant details where necessary.

5.2    Before granting the UTZ certification the applicant is expected to sign an agreement with SLSI , which includes conditions related to UTZ certification requirements.

5.3    Upon  approval  by the UTZ ,a  Certificate alone with permit condition will be issued to the company which  is  valid  for  one year and subject  to  compliance with the requirements of the UTZ scheme.

5.4    If any changes to the systems or processes are made within this year such changes shall be communicated to SLSI by the certificate holder.

5.5    According to UTZ protocol/Procedures SLSI shall intend to make surprise visits to the any of  certificate holder during the certification cycle on random basis.

5.9    Fees for these audits will be charged at the prevailing rate included in the fee structure.


6.1    If the corrective actions have not been implemented satisfactorily within the time  frame described above, the CB cannot grant the certification (i.e. a first certificate or a new certificate following expiry of the previous certificate cannot be issued).
6.2   In order to become certified, the member must receive a new audit. For Code of Conduct certification, the member must wait at least  six months if the harvest is continuous.
6.3   The SLSI immediately informs UTZ (by email and through the GIP) and the member about the non-certification.


SLSI (Contact point)and UTZ , entertains complaints from certificate holders and any other interested party regarding the operation of the certification scheme.  All complaints shall be addressed to the Director Product Certification- SLSI

8.0    FEES

8.1    The fees payable by the applicant shall be determined by the Committee and be revised from time to time.The current fee structure is enclosed in this brochure separately.

8.2    All fees as determined as above in 8.1 and intimated to the company. The fees should be paid, in advance.


All information given by the applicant to the auditors during audits shall be treated as confidential. All staff involved in certification activities are required to sign a confidentiality agreement with the SLSI. During the audits,  auditors declare the individual confidentiality statement.


When certification is granted as stipulated in the above clause 5.0 the certificate holder shall request to apply logo through the UTZ – Netherlands.


A Certificate holder shall not display, advertise or otherwise use the certification logo and the certification document after:

•    A lapse of registration, suspension or cancellation of Certification.

•    Introducing a change to the Organization procedures/location or any other product related changes which has not been accepted by UTZ and which could reasonably be expected to adversely affect the company’s UTZ certification.

•    Failing to implement a change to the certification system issued by SLSI.

•    Any other circumstances which adversely affect the UTZ certification.

In case of reduced Scope of Certification the company shall display or advertise only the amended scope.  


12.1    Certification shall be suspended under the following circumstances:

•    If any case of violation of the Sri Lanka Tea Board Law No. 14 of 1975 and its subsequent amendments, Tea Control Law No. 51 of 1957 and its subsequent amendments and related regulations which warrants the suspension / cancellation of the registration. Or UTZ certification protocols/Procedures

•    When the presence of a risk of a health hazard is revealed

•    If annual  audit indicates a total breakdown of the UTZ cetification.

•    Improper use of certification, certification document, symbol or logo and if it is not rectified to the satisfaction of the SLSI within an agreed period.

•    Any other contravention of the rules and regulations of this scheme

12.2    The certificate holder shall be informed of the suspension in writing under registered cover and it is given in the online portal.

12.3    The suspension shall be removed according to the UTZ protocol/procedures and the company is notified accordingly, upon the correction of conditions leading to the suspension within the specified period.

12.4    The certification is cancelled and the certification document is withdrawn if the stipulated conditions of suspension are not rectified within the specified period of time.

12.5    In the case of suspension the client shall refrain from further promotion of its certification.


13.1    Certifier shall cancel the certification, withdraw the certification document and cancel any agreement for the use of UTZ certification logo under the following circumstances.

a)    Any violation/s of provisions indicated in the clause 5.0

b)    If a Annual audit confirms the presence of major non-conformities and actions have not been taken effectively within two months period.

c)    At the request of the company to withdraw the certification.

d)    If the system rules are changed and the company either will not or cannot ensure conformance to new requirements.

e)    If the company ceases to supply the product or process stated in the certificate for a period exceeding six (6) months.

f)    When the certified company fails to meet financial obligations as specified by the SLSI

g)    Failure to comply with any other requirements stipulated by the UTZ protocol under this scheme.

13.2    The cancellation shall be notified to the company by a registered letter and the SLSI shall publish the notification of the cancellation and the displayed in the UTZ online portal.

13.3    Failure to resolve the issues that have resulted in the suspension within a time established by the Certifier shall result in the reduction of the scope of certification.


A certified company shall be responsible for taking prompt and adequate action to correct any contravention of the system rules, and for normally notifying the certifying authority of the corrective actions proposed or taken.


In the event of any changes being required to the UTZ Certification rules, the Scheme Manager shall:

a)    Provide opportunity for the affected companies to submit comments on the proposed changes.

b)    Effective dates for the changes shall be fixed by mutual agreement to allow sufficient time for the company to amend their Tea Product Certification System.


16.1    SLSI  shall publish in the website(s) the list of certified companies under this certificate scheme.

16.2    A certified company is entitled to:

•    Inform prospective customers, purchasers or purchasing authorities of the full and exact details of the certification.

•    Display the certification document.

•    Use of the UTZ Certification logo as specifically authorized.

17.0    APPEALS

17.1    If the certificate holder is not satisfied with the decision taken on , the certification holder is eligible to appeal, in writing to the Director Product Certification (SLSI)or UTZ within 14 days of receipt of such decision.

17.2    The decision of the UTZ/appeal committee on any such appeal shall be final and conclusive.


The certificate holder shall
•    Inform SLSI (contact point), promptly about any intended changes to the UTZ Certification Scheme, which may affect conformance to the requirements of the standard.
•    Communicate immediately about any changes to the scope of certification.
•    Permit to conduct witness audit by the accreditation body at any stage of the certification cycle when a request is made by the Institute.

•    Inform SLSI (contact point) promptly if the certificate holder becomes aware of a risk of or the presence of a health hazard.
•    Co-operate with the SLSI and UTZ in all activities related to the scheme.

•    Ensure that the audit team, comprising SLSI & UTZ auditors, is permitted and assisted to undertake the audit.

•    Pay all relevant fees as specified by the SLSI.


19.1    Except in the case of appeals, all other communications relating to the UTZ shall be addressed to either Director Product Certification, Sri Lanka Standards, No.17, Victoria Place, Elvitigala Mawatha, Colombo – 08 .

19.2    In case of an appeal as per clause 17.0, such correspondence should be sent to UTZ Head Office, Netherlands.




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