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Metrology is the science and technology of measurement. Knowledge depends largely on measurement. Instrumentation, which is the technology of measurement, serves not only science but also all branches of engineering, medicine and almost every human endeavour.

In fact to control a quantity one must be able to measure it. Whatever the nature of application, intelligent selection and use of measurement equipment depends on a broad knowledge of what is available and how the performance of the equipment suits it to the job to be done. There is a need throughout all industry, calibration and testing laboratories for improvement in measurement skills because modern society is very much dependent on accurate and reliable measurement results. To meet the requirements for this wide range of measurement capabilities developed nations maintain extensive national measurement systems. The concept of traceability of the results of measurements is central to the structure of a national system of measurement so that measurement results have a line of traceable calibrations, which relate ultimately to national and international Measurement Standards.

In today’s demanding and competitive markets, good product design and efficient manufacturing must be supported by reliable measurement and testing results. Purchasers and consumers demand that the quality, performance and reliability of goods meet their requirements. Manufacturing industry therefore must adopt attitudes and practices to improve the reliability of the measurement results, which lead to products and services which can compete in the world markets. This can only be achieved through a well-established national measurement system. The national measurement system (NMS) is responsible for stimulating good measurement practices and enabling business to make accurate and traceable measurements for the benefit of the nation. This is delivered through maintaining the measurement infrastructure, representing Sri Lanka’s position internationally. Good measurement practices results in a better quality of life, through improved trade and consumer protection, a healthier environment and more effective health and safety measures. It also improves the competitiveness of business both at home and in export.

The Metrology Division of the Sri Lanka Standards Institution holds ISO 17025 Accreditation for Mechanical & Thermal Calibration. Accreditation allows people to make an informed decision when selecting a laboratory, as it demonstrates competence, impartiality and capability. Being an accredited calibration laboratory, the Metrology Division of the Sri Lanka Standards Institution plays a major role in our National Measurement System (NMS).

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