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Electrical & Electronics Testing

This Laboratory comprises of well trained and postgraduate qualified staff in related disciplines. Laboratory is equipped with modern facilities for testing of series of household electrical products according to Sri Lanka Standards (SLS) and international standards (IEC, BS, etc.). Some of such products are given below (See Annex A for details of relevant standards for the products given below);

  • Incandescent lamps

  • Compact Fluorescent lamps- only safety parameters are tested as per SLS 1231:Part II / IEC 60968:1988

  • Electrical cables (domestic range, industrial types including Armoured cables)

  • Telecommunication cables

  • Electric switches, socket outlets, and plugs

  • Residual current circuit breakers (RCCB)

  • Miniature circuit breakers (MCB)

  • Electric fans and regulators (except Air flow test & Resistant to fire test)

  • Electric kettles

  • Dry cells

  • Magnetic ballasts

  • Glow starters

  • Hot plates/Immersion water heaters, etc.

The E&E laboratory of SLSI provides testing services as given below;

  • For compulsory Imports Inspection under the regulatory requirement of Imports Control to assure quality and safety of imported goods,

  • For SLS mark certification for products that are coming under compulsory scheme based on gazette notification of Sri Lanka Government and SLS mark certification under voluntary scheme. SLS mark certification is recently extended to foreign manufacturers also (India, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, China, etc.)

  • National Standards Formulation process is supported by providing necessary test data and analysis.

  • For Consumer Affairs Authority: testing for legal purposes

  • For Sri Lanka Customs: testing for legal purposes

  • For industries in Sri Lanka to support quality improvement, product development, and quality assurance activities of products.

In addition to the testing services we provide following other services as well;

  • Assistance to upgrade of electrical products in industry

  • Training of industry and laboratory personnel to improve quality of testing

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