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Quality Systems Certification Scheme (ISO 9001)

The Quality Systems Certification Scheme is designed as per ISO 17021 to meet international requirements in certifying quality systems of organizations according to ISO 9001:2008 standard. This scheme is accredited for nineteen scope sectors by RvA, The Netherlands, which is one of the world renowned Accreditation Bodies and by the Sri Lanka Accreditation Body (SLAB) for  22  scope sectors. Hence, the certificates issued under this scheme are recognized all over the world. This scheme is operated with the support of a strong in-house resource pool of Auditors who are fully competent, qualified, experienced and registered with IRCA-UK.

There are about 20 Lead Auditors and 65 Auditors currently attached to SLSI.

Scope Sectors Accredited By RvA Netherlands
1.    Food Products, Beverages and Tobacco
2.    Textile and Textile Products
3.    Leather and Leather Products
4.    Wood and Wood Products
5.    Pulp, Paper and Paper Products (excluding Manufacture of Pulp)
6.    Publishing Companies
7.    Printing Companies (excluding Reproduction of Recorded Media
8.    Chemicals, chemical products & fibres
9.    Pharmaceuticals, limited to Ayurvedic Drugs and Ayurvedic Therapeutic Products
10.    Rubber and Plastic Products
11.    Non-Metallic Mineral Products
12.    Concrete, Cement, Lime, Plaster, etc.
13.    Basic Metals, Minerals and Fabricated Metal Products
14.    Electrical and Optical Equipment
15.    Construction
16.    Hotels and Restaurants
17.    Transport, Storage and Communication (excluding Communication)
18.    Financial intermediation, real estate, renting
19.    Education

Scope Sectors Accredited By Sri Lanka Accreditation Board (SLAB)
1.    Manufacture of Food Products, Beverages and Tobacco Products
2.    Manufacture of Textiles and Wearing Apparels
3.    Manufacture of Leather and Leather Products
4.    Manufacture of Wood and Wood Products
5.    Manufacture of Paper and Paper Products
6.    Printing
7.    Manufacture of Chemicals and Chemicals Products
8.    Manufacture of basic Pharmaceutical Products and Pharmaceutical Preparation
9.    Manufacture of Rubber and Plastic Products
10.    Manufacture of Non-metallic Mineral Products (excluding Rubber & Plastic Products)
11.    Manufacture of Basic Metals and Fabricated Metal Products except Machinery and Equipment
12.    Manufacture of Computer, Electronic and Optical Products
13.    Manufacture of Electrical Equipment
14.    Construction of Building and Civil Engineering
15.    Building Completion & Finishing
16.    Warehousing and Support Activities for Transportation
17.    Accommodation & Food Service Activities
18.    Publishing Activities
19.    Financial Services, Insurance & Pension Funding Services
20.    Education
21.    Public Administration
22.    Telecommunication

Pre-certification Apply for certification

SLSI Report/ Improvement on pre-assessment questionnaire

Adequacy audit on quality manual

Make improvements to the Quality system

Conduct stage I audit

Make improvements to the system

Conduct stage II audit

Submit corrective action to SLSI


Post certification Post-Certification Surveillance

Annual Registration

Re-certification after 03 years

Download Application Download pre - assessment questionnaire

Download Application (New version)        Download pre - assessment questionnaire  (New version)


1.    BROCHURE      FEE        -    LKR 1 000/=

2.    ADEQUACY AUDIT FEE    -    LKR 5 000/=

Includes cost of desktop review of the Pre-Assessment Questionnaire and Quality Manual.


LKR 6 000/= per assessor man-day plus expenses for travel/stay of assessors which will be charged at cost.


LKR 6 000/= per assessor man-day plus expenses for travel/stay of assessors which will be charged at cost.


Fee covers all costs of minimum one surveillance audit per year excluding travel/stay expenses and is payable prior to registration and before each anniversary of registration.

Certificate holders with the Accreditation Mark    LKR 80 000/=
Certificate holders without the Accreditation Mark    LKR 70 000/=


LKR 6 000/= per assessor per man-day plus expenses for travel/stay of assessor which will be charged at cost.

7.        The VAT (15%) and NBT (2%) applicable with respect to each item indicated above have to be paid along with the relevant fee.



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