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Environmental Management System (ISO 14001)

EMS certification is a voluntary certification scheme of SLSI which supports the industry to comply with the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard and to demonstrate company's commitment to environmental protection.

ISO 14001 standard does not set requirements for any environmental aspect such as emissions or discharges: instead organizations establish their own targets of control based on current performance data or to comply with regulatory requirements.

This scheme is accredited for 15 scope sectors by RvA, The Netherlands, which is one of the world renowned accreditation bodies and by the Sri Lanka Accreditation Body (SLAB) for 11 scope sectors. Thus the certificates issued under this scheme are recognized all over the world.

Accredited Scope Sectors by RvA

  1. Food products, beverages and tobaccos
  2. Textiles and textile products
  3. Leather and leather products
  4. Repair of Leather and Leather Products
  5. Wood and wood products
  6. Rubber and plastic products
  7. Concrete, cement, lime, plaster etc.
  8. Machinery and equipment
  9. Repair of machinery and other equipment
  10. Installing of Industrial machinery and equipment
  11. Electrical and optical equipment (including Domestic appliances )
  12. Electrical and optical equipment : Repair of electrical and optical equipment, domestic appliances etc.
  13. Wholesale and retail trade and repair of motor vehicles, motor cycles
  14. Wholesale and retail trade (Except motor vehicles, motor cycles)
  15. Hotels and Restaurants

Accredited Scope Sectors by SLAB

  1. Manufacture of Food products, beverages and tobacco products
  2. Manufacture of textiles and wearing apparels
  3. Manufacture of chemicals, chemical products and fibers, pharmaceuticals
  4. Manufacture of rubber and plastic products
  5. Manufacture of non-metallic mineral products
  6. Manufacture of electrical and optical equipment
  7. Repair and installation of machinery and equipment
  8. Electricity supply
  9. Sale, maintenance and repair of motor vehicles, motor cycles
  10. Construction
  11. Hotels and Restaurants
Pre-certification Submit the duly filled application

Submit the complete set of EMS documents

(Manual and aspect register)

Receive Adequacy audit report

Make improvements to the EMS system by correcting deficiencies

Conduct stage I audit

Make improvements to the system by correcting deficiencies in stage I Audit

Conduct Final Assessment (stage II audit)

Submit corrective actions for non-conformities raised in the stage II audit

Achieve EMS Certification

Post certification Conduct Surveillance Audits
Annual registration

Re-Assessment after 03 years

Download Application
Download pre-assessment questionnaire

Pre Certification



Application processing covering adequacy audit & Stage I Audit

40 000.00

Site Assessment (Stage II audit)

6000.00 per day/

Annual Surveillance

Free of charge


Post Certification

Annual Registration

  • Certificates with accreditation mark   LKR 80 000.00
  • Certificates without accreditation mark    LKR 60 000.00

VAT will be charged on all payments.
The client shall provide transport and accommodation for auditors. If the client is unable to provide transport, the cost of transport will be LKR 35.00 per km for each assessment.

(The number of Auditors for the assessment shall be determined based on the size of the Organization and the complex nature of activities)

Concessions For additional certifications

For certifications granted by SLSI, concession for the annual fee to the second certification will be 10% and 20% for the third certification

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