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Standard No : SLS ISO 3951 Part 1
Year : 2016
Title : Sampling procedures for inspection by variables Part 1 - Single sampling plans indexed by acceptance quality limit (AQL) for lot-by-lot inspection for a single quality characteristic and a single AQL
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Equivalent Standard : ISO 3951-1 : 2013
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This Standard  is primarily designed for use under the following conditions: a) where the inspection procedure is to be applied to a continuing series of lots of discrete products all supplied by one producer using one production process; b) where only a single quality characteristic, x, of these products is taken into consideration, which must be measurable on a continuous scale; c) where production is stable (under statistical control) and the quality characteristic, x, is distributed according to a normal distribution or a close approximation to the normal distribution; d) where a contract or standard defines a lower specification limit, L, an upper specification limit, U, or both; an item is qualified as conforming if and only if its measured quality characteristic, x, satisfies the appropriate one of the following inequalities:       1) x ≥ L (i.e. the lower specification limit is not violated); 2) x ≤ U (i.e. the upper specification limit is not violated); 3) x ≥ L and x ≤ U (i.e. neither the lower nor the upper specification limit is violated).

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