What are the items covered under Import Inspection Scheme of SLSI ?

There are 120 items covered under the Import Inspection Scheme of SLSI as per the Extra Ordinary Gazette Notification no 1844/49 dated 2014.01.08 issued under the Import & Export (control) Act No 01 of 1969. The list of items is available at SLSI website.

How can I know about those items?

  • By contacting ‘Administrative Officer’ of Quality Assurance Division of SLSI.
    T.P +94 112 671 567 Ext:393
  • By referring web site of SLSI
  • By referring the Extra Ordinary Gazette Notification no. 1844/49 dated 2014.01.08

Is my product confirm to SLSI requirements?

  • By referring the requirements given in relevant Sri Lanka Standard.
  • By getting tested a sample against the relevant Sri Lanka Standard.

How can I obtain Sri Lanka Standard relevant to my product?

By visiting the Documentation and Information Division at 3rd floor of SLSI (ext. 252)

How can I test a sample of my product prior to import?

By submitting a sample to the SLSI laboratory by the Importer. For more information please contact Laboratory Services Division.  Ext. 501, 502, 503 & 504.

Does SLSI accept test report provided by importer when sample submitted by the importer himself?


Does SLSI accept test reports issued from manufacturers/laboratories?

Yes. Only when the test repot issued by a registered manufacturer or laboratory.

How should I inform QA division of SLSI on my imported products?

By dully filled “Notification Form”

How can I obtained notification form?

  • Downloading from SLSI web site
  • From ‘Main Counter’ of QA division

At what time I should submit notification from?

As soon as the importer received the documents (invoice, packing list, bill of lading etc) relevant for the consignment.

What is the correct way of filling notification form?

Please refer sample notification form in the Annexure.

What are the supporting documents to be submitted with notification form?


  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Bill of Lading


  • Quality certificates
  • Test reports
  • Health certificates
  • Custom declaration form (cusdec)
  • Country of origin
  • Documentary proof incase of products imported for personal use.

To whom shall I submit notification form with supporting documents?

To the main counter of QA Division, SLSI

What is the time period for submitting documents?

From 0900h to 1530 h on all working days.

How long should I wait to know the initial decision of submitted documents?

6 hours (If correctly completed documentation is submitted)

How can I know the initial decision?

By contacting relevant counter of QA division of SLSI.

Food Products
Unit 1                            Unit 2
Telephone ext. 363    Ext. 360

Non Food Products
Unit 3                           Unit 4
Telephone ext. 361    Ext. 359

At what time shall I make payment?

As soon as the importer received initial decision

What is the payment to be made?

By contacting the relevant counter of the unit of QA division

Food Products
Unit 1                          Unit 2
Telephone ext. 363   Ext. 360

Non Food Products
Unit 3                         Unit 4
Telephone ext. 361   Ext. 359

How can I arrange inspection and sampling?

By submitting inspection/sampling request letter after making the relevant payment. Request letter could be faxed to +94 115 354 320

Please refer sample request letter at web site.

What is the time for carrying out inspection and sampling?

Inspection/sampling will be carried out within one working day after submitting inspection/sampling request letter.

  • Inspection/sampling time at RCT :  0930h - 1730h
  • Importer/other  warehouses : 1000h - 1600h

What is the average time to provide final decision?

Since the testing time for each product varies this cannot be exactly defined.

How can I know about final decision?

Same as question 16.

If products get failed, what is my position?

In that case there are few options,

  • Requesting SLSI for re-sampling/re-inspection. (only 01 time)
  • Accepting the decision and destroying the consignment
  • Accepting the decision and re-exporting the consignment.

If I did not follow the decision and directions of SLSI, what will happen?

SLSI inform Sri Lanka Customs and other relevant authorities for their actions such as penalties, black listing etc.

How can I register an Overseas manufacturer/overseas laboratory?

By visiting (Administrative Officer of QA Division (ext. 393) and you will be guided to relevant SDD (QA).