Product Certification

Product certification Scheme which is popularly known as the "SLS Marks Scheme", is a scheme that gives a third party guarantee on quality of a product making a competitive market for manufacturers and to improve confidence in consumers. This scheme enables the SLSI to grant permits to local as well as overseas manufacturers producing goods conforming to Sri Lanka Standards to mark the "SLS" mark on their products.
The Certification Mark on a commodity or product signifies that the commodity or product is consistently manufactured in accordance with the relevant Sri Lanka Standard Specification and with the assurance of optimal quality. Compliance with the requirements of the specification is assured through regular monitoring of the quality assurance system through quality audits carried out by qualified Auditors of the Institution and product testing.

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Systems Certification

This page is under constructions   SC plays a vital role in promoting and supporting of implementation of management systems activities of any organization in all sectors of the economy through systems certification as a third party certification body. Management systems certification helps consistency and continuity of the business operations to add credibility for the organization by demonstrating products or services expectations of your customers.
Vide range of accredited Systems Certification services managed by the SC Division of the SLSI with its highly competent Auditors facilitate any organization to manag risks and improve the management system for  stepping  up to the global market, as a marketing strategy and to develop confidence about the business system in the competitive market.

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Standards & Services Promotion Division

Standards & Services Promotion Division conducts market research, develop and review marketing plan, develop and promote SLSI services, strategically overseeing advertising, promotion, distribution of services, customer services and public relations including handling of customer complaints.
Standards & Services Promotion Division organizes an annual National Quality Award scheme inline with the criteria of Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award of U.S. to recognize local organizations for performance excellence, as role model organizations to achieve excellence in business.

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Scientific and Engineering Standardization

The main objectives of the SLSI as stated in the Sri Lanka Standard Institution Act No.06 of 1984 are ;

-          To prepare standards on national and international basis relating to structures, commodities, products, materials, practices and operations and

-          From time to time revise, alter and amend the same and

-          To promote the general adoption of such standards and also

-          To promote Standardization and quality control in industry and commerce.

As the only national standards body in Sri Lanka, the Standards Divisions facilitate development of internationally aligned national standards and energy labeling scheme to make positive contributions to uplift the quality of the nation by Scientific standards Division and Engineering standards Division.National standards are documents with requirements, specifications, guidelines, test methods, limitations and characteristics that can be used consistently to ensure the materials, products, processes and services are fit for their purpose.

Sri Lanka standards offers a range of benefits for all the sectors in economy and community for compatibility, simplicity, conformity, confidence through Standards which ensure the safety, performance and reliability of a range of products, services and systems.

Quality Assurance

Activities of the Import Inspection Scheme (IIS) under the Quality Assurance Division are to assure the conformity of 123 products imported to Sri Lanka, by monitoring and checking against the relevant Sri Lanka Standard Specification to make recommendation to the Department of Sri Lanka Customs. This scheme is based on Gazette notification No. 1844/9 0f 08 January 2014 under the Imports and Exports Control Act No.1 of 1969 and Gazette Extraordinary No.1953/27 for taps and accessories imported to Sri Lanka. Conformity activities of imported consignments of the designated items are based on approved criteria.

Documentation & Information

 The Documentation & Information Division of the SLSI is a specialized and one stop information Centre for literature on Standardization and Quality Management with unique collection of comprehensive and up-to-date  National, International, Foreign standards and Technical regulations. It further accommodates a wide range of knowledge enhancing material including books, periodicals, handbooks, guides etc. mainly on ‘Quality’ and ‘Standardization’ and   related fields under normal routine library services to meet the critical information requirements of a broad base of customers from the industry, the trade and the general public including those of small and medium enterprises.
Apart from these services of the Documentation and Information Division it has been designated as the WTO/TBT National Enquiry Point on Standards and Technical Regulations.


Training Division of the SLSI provides solutions for competency development of human recourses with training, in the fields of standardization, quality assurance, management systems, certification, laboratory testing. Training services are extended to local and foreign Industry and service organizations to meet the growing needs and expectations of the industry. All training programmes are conducted by a team of well-experienced, qualified and trained faculty with the latest knowledge on relevant fields. Tailor made training programmes are conducted at client’s premises on request.


Finance Department of the SLSI covers a wide range of activities from budget forecasting to basic bookkeeping  while providing information to assist the top management in organizational strategic decisions.  Key functions of Finance Division are financial planning, reporting and controls on short and long term business strategy, investments, cash management, internal risk management, corporate finance and Divisional finance, auditing and accounting.


Administration Division of the Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI) carries out work related to SLSI employee's Personal and Human resource development work including employee recruitment,  handling, of all employee personal files, attending to increments, leave matters, transfers, medical work, incentive matters, training and development work, transportation work, foreign visit secretariat work for Council maters, preparation of annual report, attending to all purchasing matters (equipments for laboratory) and other work such as legal matters, security, housekeeping and canteen.


As an ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratory, the Metrology Division of the Sri Lanka Standards Institution fulfils this national obligation by being a part of our national measurement system. We provide an extensive industrial calibration service, covering a wide range of measurements which are traceable to National / International Standards, established through reference standards maintained by us. Our test/calibration reports consists all information as per requirements of ISO17025. It helps you to stay in compliance with your quality management systems to international standards as well as fulfilling your customer requirements.


The  Laboratory Services Division provides efficient and reliable services for the public as well as private sector organizations y its competent staff members to promote activities in Trade and Commerce via following six unit testing laboratories.

•    Chemical laboratory
•    Electrical & Electronics laboratory
•    Food laboratory
•    Materials laboratory
•    Microbiology laboratory
•    Textile laboratory