Who can use the SLSI Library? Is it open to the general public?

Members of the public may refer the information collection available in the SLSI library free of charge. Borrowing privileges are generally limited to members.

How do I borrow library materials?

You must become a member to borrow materials from the SLSI Library.
For information visit: membership scheme

How can I become a member?

There are two types of membership; Individual and Subcriber. You have to submit an application to the circulation desk with the letter of recommendation and the required payment. The library staff will issue membership cards.

How many items can I borrow?

  • Subcriber members - 08 books and 02 journals
  • Individual members - 02 books and 01 journal

How long can I borrow items for?

One month

Can I renew items I have on loan?

You can renew items for another month by informing via an e-mail as long as no other library member needs them.

What if someone's got the item I need?

You can make a reservation at the circulation desk.

How do I know if an item is overdue?

When you borrow an item the due date will be stamped inside the book.

Do I receive notifications of overdue books, expiring membership?

You are informed via an e-mail or a letter as courtesy notices. However, you are responsible for keeping your information current, renewing materials, and paying all fines for late, damaged, or lost materials. Kindly note that you must update any changes of your contact information (if any) to the library counter.

If I lose a book, how much will it cost to replace it?

The cost will be computed as per the policies of SLSI by taking into account the purchased price, prevailing currency rate and charges incurred as departmental charges.

Can I buy books at the Library?

Books are not available for purchasing. International standards and Sri Lanka Standards can be purchased.

ISO, IEC, British and ASTM standards can be downloaded on request. Other foreign standards may be supplied on request from the relevant Standards Bodies and postage and handling charges will be included in the price.

We offer discounts from the catalogue price as follows.

  • ISO Standards - 25%
  • IEC Standards - 10%
  • British Standards - 10 %
  • ASTM Standards - 10%

How can I get the price of a Standard or request for a quotation?

Please send an email or a letter indicating the standards you need, preferably the standard numbers (can be searched via the websites of the respective standards bodies), if available. Telephone queries are also accepted.

Where can I make a suggestion to the library

A suggestion book is available at the Circulation desk.  Feedback form of SLSI ????

How do I find out whether a book/Sri Lanka Standard is available at the SLSI Library?

Search the book catalogue and the Sri Lanka Standards database.

When you have found a book you want, make a note of the exact title, the author's name and, most importantly, the call number. A call number is just a code given to a book that relates to where it is shelved. This will make your task easy when visiting the library in person to refer the book.

What are the Library opening hours?

The library is open from 08:30 h to 16:15 h

  • Weekdays
  • First and third Saturday and second and fourth Sunday during weekends (the days may vary due to holidays coinciding with Saturday and Sunday) - Library opening days for the year

I can’t find the answer to my question in these FAQ - where can I get more help?

EMAIL US : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
PHONE/FAX US : Telephone: +94 112 672 615 (Director), +94 11 2671567-72  (Library Counter Extension: 252)
Fax: +94 94 112 671 553

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